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The birth of a mother is indeed profound. Yet in the wake of baby’s arrival, a woman’s well being is often forgotten, even by Mum herself. We focus on individual counselling, with the goal of improving and empowering the wellbeing of the mother. Therapy is tailored to your specific area(s) of need. 

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Areas of Focus

Matrescence is experienced by all mums but not by all mums the same...


Birth trauma - physical, emotional

Birth plan disappointment

Changes to social life

Coping with the unknown

Depleted self esteem

Expectation vs reality - pregnancy, motherhood

Feeding baby - breastfeeding, colicky baby, formula feeding, pumping, reflux

Feelings of loneliness, isolation


Maintaining identity - you are still you, finding the woman that may be lost behind role of mum

Partner adjustments - finding balance, share of workload, loss of intimacy

Pregnancy complications

Pressures - baby development, milestones

Pregnancy loss, miscarriage

Sleep deprivation

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